Thing to Do, When Your Gift Card is Lost

We know how hard it is for someone to lose their valuables. It becomes very difficult for the person to manage himself when something of that sort happens. Just imagine the situation of a person who lost his gift card, credit card or the debit cards. The situation troubles him/her because he/she has lost a considerable amount of money. Don’t panic, we are here for you only. We at mygiftcardsite, write down stuffs to make sure you people do necessary steps, so that the amount doesn’t get debited from your card. There are few steps which are quite simple and should be followed, when such activity occurs. Here, they are:

  • The very first thing you should do is that you should report the accident to your gift card’ bank. Immediately, reach the bank with all the documents of the gift card. The documents required would be gift card holder’s ID, previous transaction history of the bank and the limit details of the card. According, the bank will work on it and then stop the card usage. If going to the bank is not possible, then call the customer care service of the corresponding bank. They will ask you few details about your card and will assist you surely. This customer care service is available 24X7 for the users.
  • Refund Policy: If your card is lost and after that any unauthorized transactions is being made, then you don’t have to worry. The banks provide its customers a refund policy for unauthorized transaction, if proper information of the gift card is provided, including the proper timing and date. It means you should abide by the rules and regulations set by the bank authorities. You should immediately report to the bank if you lose your card, so that the bank can check the gift card and therefore the bank will make sure further no unauthorized transactions are made. They will de activate the gift card. In case, you fail to provide the required details to the bank regarding the gift card in the given duration, you will not be entertained then and no refund will be given. SO, make sure you have all the gift card’s details.
  • There are other things which must be taken seriously. Make sure your gift card’s validity is not expired. Because in such cases, bank doesn’t provide refund and you would not be able to do anything. Also, if you fail to use your money in the validity period, then after expiry of the gift card, that money couldn’t be redeemed. Though there are some banks, which might refund the remaining amount even when the validity period is over. But for that, they will charge you. So, please keep an eye on the validity of your card.

Hope, this article at mygiftcardsite balance section provides you the necessary details, which you should do in case of lost gift card. Hope this helps!